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Spanish classes Medellin Spanish lessons Medellin

ABC Spanish School


2009 - 2017


Come and learn from Medellín - Colombia, home to one of the best and clearest Spanish speaking regions in Latin America

Medellín, Colombia

Take Spanish lessons with the dedicated, professional and experienced  teachers Diego and Angela.  We offer both private one-on-one instruction and group lessons at excellent prices. Feel free to contact us for information on prices, methodology, available schedule, booking and more.

​Spanish classes Medellin​  Spanish lessons Medellin

Spanish Lessons in Medellin Spanish Classes Medellin

Diego Trujillo and Angela Vargas, hold teaching certifications from the Cervantes Institute, and together have over twenty four years combined experience teaching Spanish, English and French.

In addition to providing excellent instruction we are commited to helping our students explore the city, make new friends, and immerse themselves in the Antioquian culture!

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Spanish Lessons In Medellin Spanish Classes Medellin